User Interface Design for Mobile, Smart TV's and Streaming Video UX/UI


I was part of the team that launched WebTV in 1997 by defining a new product and service category that connected consumers to the web through their TV’s. Consumers who did not have computers could easily connect to the internet from their living rooms to write/send email and browse WebTV optimized sites. I designed and created user interface channels for the WebTV service.

Microsoft bought WebTV in 1997 for the revolutionary technology where efforts were already underway by Microsoft developing MSTV. The technology allowed Microsoft to move quickly to launch MSTV. I developed many user interface design concepts for MSTV developing channels such as NBC, Sports, News, Olympics, The Wedding Channel, and Games.

I was part of the team that launched TiVo in 1999, a pioneer in the home entertainment category which created a new product and service for the world’s first digital video recorder (DVR). As Senior Creative for TiVo, I developed many user interface concepts still in use today. TiVo is recognized globally for allowing consumers to watch what they want when they want it making the product a must have for any home entertainment system.

ReplayTV was ready to launch their competing DVR at the same time as TiVo. ReplayTV had a slightly different business model offering users the ability to “AutoSkip” commercials and a feature called “Send Show” which allowed users to send recorded programs to other ReplayTV subscribers. I developed the NBC Saturday Night Live user interface concepts for ReplayTV that was marketed under “Zones”.

I was part of the team that launched ShowCenter in 2004, a new revolutionary connected media player that allowed consumers to scan their home network for movies, music and photos and watch them on TV. Developed in Braunschweig, Germany, I designed the TV user interface for ShowCenter that allowed users to organize and play media all from one device.

I was part of the team that launched AT&T Homezone set-top-box entertainment receiver including satellite TV, media sharing, streaming movies, and scheduling and recording of live TV. Homezone receiver was launched in 2004 with small deployments through out the U.S. I directed the user interface design, remote control design & development for the service.

2Wire developed the hardware and software for the AT&T Homezone set-top-box receiver. I staffed a world class team of UX/UI engineers to develop the user interface and make sure we deployed a world class user experience. Homezone received positive reviews from critics for being simple and easy to use.

Movielink was our content movie partner offering 1000’s of movies for consumers to rent and watch on AT&T Homezone Receiver. I developed interaction models for defining download timeframes, rental period durations, content expiration, parental control systems, user recommendation flows, and enhanced user setting features. Also conducted user studies to gather feedback about current design and incorporated that feedback into the final product.

Working under the Hearst Corporation as “Skiff LLC” on a new e-Reader device, service and platform. I lead the Usability team to design and develop user interaction models, create prototypes and demos along with leading weekly Usability meetings to promote visibility and gather feedback from stakeholders. I defined the design direction for our team providing leadership by example while collaborating with cross functional teams coast-to-coast. Managed outside industrial design firms in New York and San Francisco for hardware design concepts.

Redesign the Netflix app for Roku. From design sketches, wireframes, prototypes, user testing, to beta and final release. Participated in user testing sessions I was able to refine and adopt new ideas to the interface based on feedback from users. My design gained international attention from news and tech blogs for being sexy, slick, easy to use, with the best Netflix viewing experience.

Co-founded Fredio with four other television industry veterans who have a passion for entertainment, business, and technology. Designed and developed Smart TV app for LG and Samsung, Blu-Ray devices, and iPad. Product launched in the LG World Store available on all Smart TV’s. Fredio is headquartered in Silicon Valley, and backed by venture-capital.